FPG Insurance
FPG Insurance Financial Lines products are designed to
cover the risks of personal litigation and financial liability for
corporate decisions and third party claims.
We are experts in understanding the complex nature of corporate insurance requirements and have been
developing and refining our Financial Lines Insurance (FLI) products for many years.

Continually refining our products in line with compliance, legal and regulatory requirements of Financial
Lines Insurance solutions, building upon our competitive advantage with regional and local expertise.
FPG Financial Lines Cover Products

FPG Insurance D&O products are designed to cover risk to individual directors and/or officers (including spouses, domestic partners, heirs and estates) for personal litigation and unlimited financial liability for corporate decisions.

We provide complete protection for directors and officers from management liability exposure, which may come as a result of claims or lawsuits brought against directors and officers from shareholders, employees, regulatory bodies, creditors, customers and suppliers.

Also known as Professional Indemnity Insurance, this is a product designed to provide cover for Wrongful Acts across and within the everyday activities of a business. The provision of a company’s service, advice or best practice can leave a business exposed to allegations of negligence and the possibility of civil action against the business or its employees.
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