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Online Crime Spreads Like A Virus: Here’s How To Keep Yourself Protected November 17, 2022 04:18:37 PM
The social media-verse is teeming with opportunities for everyone. There are thousands of job and business leads that can be found just by searching the right keywords online. However, as we become more exposed to the benefits of the online world, we are also exposed to crimes that spread like viruses - online crime. Spam messages that include your actual name, identity theft, email phishing, cyberbullying, and false charities have infected the virtual space that we are exposed to every day.

The fact that the number of people using the internet rose to almost 4.95 billion in 2021 contributed to this. The more users, the more potential victims for online scammers and fraudsters. The landscape has also been widened since there are countless ways or strategies available to these online criminals. Not to mention the fact that social media are insufficiently moderated, meaning anyone can create an account to inspire trust and create a false image of legitimacy. Basically, the very platform we love to use every single day is also the platform that is infected with this online plague. 

The spread of this crime has of course not gone unnoticed as companies, brands, personalities, and the government of the Philippines have created campaigns to spread awareness and inform people to be extra vigilant online especially when money, virtue, and safety are involved. Businesses, including FPG Insurance, have transitioned their payment methods from analog to digital. The trade is now constantly under the virtual space. 

However, these efforts seem to be just not enough. Anyone who uses social media, e-wallet services, and online banking is still vulnerable because of how cunning online scams get. So why struggle to fight off online crimes and hope that they just cease to victimize countless people if you can just be instantly protected from them? FPG Insurance, the Philippines` leading non-life insurance provider has just pioneered the first e-wallet security and cyberbullying protection to be approved by the ICC called MyCyberProtect Mate. This non-life insurance policy is the first Personal Cyber Insurance product offered in the Philippines that is specifically designed to digitally protect literally anyone against e-wallet fraud, identity theft, and cyberbullying.  

FPG Insurance knows that online crimes don`t come in the form of a financial threat. That`s why they`ve included cyberbullying protection in their flexible plan - an extremely rare move that shows how much the company cares for the virtual well-being of the Filipinos they serve and protect. If you think about it, MyCyberProtect Mate is like the Filipino`s digital police and protector that we need. 

Take matters into your own hands now and digitally protect yourself from online crime with MyCyberProtect Mate. Filing to avail of this flexible policy is now easier on FPG Insurance`s website.

GET PROTECTED TODAY: https://ph.fpgins.com/products/cyber/ 

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