FPG Insurance
Providing full insurance protection against total or partial loss due to events such as impact collision, overturning, sliding, fire, and theft.
MyAuto Mate Schedule of Benefits


Own Damage
Up to the insured vehicle's FMV (Fair Market Value)
Up to the insured vehicle's FMV (Fair Market Value)
Acts of Nature
Up to the insured vehicle's FMV (Fair Market Value)
Up to the insured vehicle's FMV (Fair Market Value)
Voluntary Third Party Liability – Bodily Injury and Property Damage
Each at Php100,000 or up to Php1,000,000
Auto-Personal Accident
Php50,000 per person
(max number of passengers to be covered, including the driver shall be up to the insured vehicle’s seating capacity)

(max of 5 passengers, including driver) – Sedans, Pick-up
(max of 7 passengers, including driver) – SUV, AUV
FPG 24/7 Roadside Assistance Program
Inter-island Transit Cover
Cover for Undeclared Non-Standard Accessories
Up to Php50,000
0.5% of the vehicle sum insured, minimum of Php2,000 whichever is higher

Our FREE FPG Roadside Assistance, provided by Ibero Assistencia, is for privately used vehicles below 12 years old and covered under this Motor Insurance Program

Our Insured Clients may call our FPG hotline and experience our professional service anytime you need emergency assistance due to any of the following vehicle breakdowns:

  1. road traffic accident,
  2. acts of nature, and
  3. others such as mechanical, electrical, loss/damage, destruction due to fire or theft leading to vehicle immobilization

Available services:

Vehicle Assistance

  • Towing, up to a maximum of Php5,000 per event
  • Removal of vehicle (crane service), up to a maximum of Php10,000 per event
  • Emergency fuel delivery (cost of fuel not included/to be paid for by client)
  • Battery boosting/jumpstarting
  • Locksmith service (in case keys were locked inside the vehicle)
  • Delivery of Spare Key (in case keys were locked inside the vehicle)
  • Flat tire replacement (replacement of punctured tire for the spare)
  • Key Protection Cover, maximum limit of Php3,500 per year
  • Misfuelling Cover, maximum limit of Php3,500 per year
  • Secondary towing services, maximum limit of Php5,000.00 per event

Personal Assistance

  • Hotel accommodation DR Continuation of journey, if repair time of immobilized vehicle extends beyond 5:00PM and 25kms from the Insured's usual residence. Hotel accommodation reimbursement is up to Php1,500 /night, max. of two nights or, if continuation of journey is opted for, we may provide the vehicle or we will reimburse up to Php3,000. Request for reimbursement must be supported by original copy of Official Receipt.
  • Relay of urgent messages
  • Accident coordination, with MMDA, if within Metro Manila or Police
  • Legal Assistance
  • Stolen Vehicle Alarm Assistance
  • Driving Directional Assistance
  • Secondary Towing Arrangement (for Drivable Vehicles), pick-up and delivers the vehicle to the preferred destination cost shall be for the Insured's account.

Medical Assistance

  • Hospital Admission Assistance
  • Ambulance Coordination Assistance, maximum reimbursement limit of Php1,000
  • Appointment with Health Professionals
  • Fitness and Health
  • Repatriation or Mortal Remains, maximum reimbursement limit of Php2,000

24 Hours Information Assistance

  • Information services such as traffic or road condition, weather information, nearest gasoline station, hospital/police/ fire station telephone numbers
  • Arrangement of Funeral Services
  • Taxi Arrangement Services (including Uber and Grab)
  • Alternative Driver Service Assistance, in case the Insured is unable to drive the vehicle (cost of service to be paid for by the Insured)

Other features:

  • No limit as to number of events, if availment is due to accident or acts of nature, but for other breakdowns, number of events covered is up to three (3) per vehicle, per year.
  • Nationwide coverage including lligan City, excluding Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur, North Cotabato, South Cotabato, Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur, Zamboanga Sibugay, Maguindanao, Sultan Kudarat, Sulu, Tawi-tawi, Basilan, Compostela Valley, Catanduanes, Masbate, Sarangani, Batanes, Romblon, Marinduque, Guimaras and Camiguin.
  • Exclusive to all private-used vehicles, below 15 years of age, and covered under our Comprehensive Auto Insurance, excluding vehicles over 3,500 kilograms in weight.

This Comprehensive Cover is subject to the following Warranties & Clauses:

    • Accessories Clause
    • Acts of Nature Endorsement
    • Auto PA Endorsement
    • Airbag Clause
    • Deductible Clause
    • Endorsement in case the Motor Vehicle is Tax Exempt (only if applicable)
    • Importation Clause (only if applicable)
    • Inter-Island Transit Endorsement
    • Mortgagee Clause (only if applicable)
    • Non-Dealer or Non-Casa Repair Shop clause
    • Pair and Set Endorsement
    • Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotion Endorsement
    • Total Asbestos Exclusion Clause
    • Terrorism and Sabotage Exclusion

All other exclusions, terms and conditions are subject to the FPG Insurance Motor Vehicle policy.

  1. Vehicles (Sedans, Pick-ups, SUVs, & AUVs) with ages 10 years old and below for insurance coverage are subject to approval of FPG Insurance and conformity with FPG’s Motorcar Accepted Risks Guidelines prior to insurance quotation or policy commencement.
  2. FMV or Sum insured of new cars shall be based on the dealer’s selling price and including built-in standard accessories only. Non-standard accessories should be specifically declared with their corresponding itemized values (quantity, description and unit price) subject to approval of FPG Insurance and with additional premium.
  3. Motorcar Accepted Risks Guidelines

    The following are prohibited for coverage:

    Prohibition as to use

    1. All types of public conveyances – (e.g. PUB, PUJ, tourist buses, taxis, etc.)
    2. Military Vehicles
    3. Ambulance, police, fire and other type of emergency vehicles
    4. Amusement Vehicles and/or Racing Cars vehicles involved in racing, rally or any competitive activity
    5. Cars for rent and used for driving lessons
    6. Delivery, service vehicles (Newspapers, Postal, Beverages, etc.).
    7. Money or security transport vehicles
    8. Refuse or garbage service vehicles
    9. Vehicles involved in the carriage of hazardous goods (Explosives, Flammables or poisonous chemicals)
    10. Funeral Hearse

    Prohibition as to type/model of vehicles

    1. Cars over ten (10) years old
    2. Motor Trade Vehicles (conduction stickers)
    3. Sports Cars
    4. Vehicles with modifications (dressed up, etc.)
    5. Tax Free Vehicles including blue plates
    6. Cars which have been withdrawn from the market (phased-out) and/or spare parts of which are not readily available, such as Torana, Ford Escort, Peugot, Rambler, Buick, Mustang, Pinto, Camaro, Nissan Terano, Hyundai and the like
    7. Nickel-plated, stainless, semi-stainless, aluminum, galvanized or fiberglass body (e.g. Owner type Jeeps)
    8. High-valued cars such as Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lincoln, Cadillac, and other imported vehicles
    9. Cargo trucks, long haul trucking, farm equipment, freight forwarders, heavy equipment or construction equipment (Bulldozers, Graders, Tractors, etc.)
    10. Motorcycles including Tricycles
    11. Armored vehicles
    12. "Converted" or Right hand drive vehicles

    Prohibition as to type of Insured

    1. Cars owned by individual or business organizations in the entertainment industries, politics, military, government officials and car racers, diplomats, newspaper publishers/ media
    2. Motor Car dealers
    3. Junk dealers
  4. Additional Guidelines:
    1. The Insured will be required to submit four (4) separate electronic photos of the vehicle showing the following:
      • Front and;
      • Rear portion of the vehicle which clearly shows the plate number/CS number;
      • Right-side and;
      • Left-side of the vehicle showing the full body of the vehicle.
      All four (4) photos should show the copy of the issued FPG policy &/or the current-dated newspaper (same date when the photos were taken)
      Note: For convenience, the Insured may upload said photos whilst securing quotation from this website.
    2. The Insured shall be given fifteen (15) days upon policy issuance to submit the required electronic photos and is subject for review and approval of FPG. Although the E-Policy will be issued, FPG shall have a review period of 16 days where the policy can be cancelled.
    3. Should the Insured failed to submit the required photos within said grace period, FPG shall cancel/spoil the issued policy effective inception date.
    4. If the issued policy is cancelled/spoiled due to whatever reason, FPG shall process refund of the basic premium paid by the Insured, however, Documentary Stamps, taxes and other charges shall no longer be refunded.
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