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Welcome to the Orange Circle, the personal accident insurance
designed inclusively for all women.

Be worry free with comprehensive cover for Accidental Death and/or Disablement,
Murder and Unprovoked Assault, Sexual Assault, Damage to Purse,
as well as Personal Liability.
Orange Circle Schedule of Benefits
Benefits Limits of Liability
Accidental Death/Disablement 500,000
Murder and Unprovoked Assault Sexual Assault 500,000
Accidental Medical Reimbursement 50,000
Accidental Burial Benefit 50,000
Cash Assistance Benefit 5,000
Household Helper Financial Assistance 3,000
Damage to Purse 1,000
Personal Liability 10,000
Additional Coverage
Benefits Limits of Liability
Accidental Death due to ATM-related robbery 112,500
Replacement of Stolen Cash due to an ATM-related robbery 50,000
Mechanical Device or Machine Tampering 50,000
Hospital Confinement due to ATM-related robbery 2,250/day
Document Replacement due to ATM-related robbery 11,250
Identity Theft Restoration Benefit 112,500
Annual Premium per Person
(Inclusive of taxes)
The plan includes the following:
  • Twenty-four (24) hours on or off the job cover.
  • 100% Murder and Unprovoked Assault coverage.
  • Commercial Flying while riding as a fare-paying passenger only.
  • Animal bites coverage limited to cat, dog, and snake bites only. Mosquito / insect bites are not covered.
  • Animal bites coverage limited to cat, dog, and snakebites only. Mosquito/insect bites are not covered.
  • Accidental Poisoning (Food & Gas).
  • Acts of Nature resulting to accidental bodily injury only.
  • Drowning.
  • 100% Motorcycling cover for Accidental Death & Disablement, except for professional racing and sports related activities.
  • Amateur and Social Sports
  • Subject to:
    • Total Asbestos Exclusion Endorsement.
    • Sabotage & Terrorism Inclusion Clause.
    • Communicable Disease Exclusion Clause.
  • The plan is open for gainfully employed persons between ages of 18 to 64 years old.
  • The plan does not include coverage for injuries resulting from any hazardous/professional sports.
  • Work-related death or Injuries/Disabilities of Persons who belong under the following categories are not covered under the plan:
    1. Military personnel
    2. People in the police force
    3. Crew members of vessels/aircraft
    4. Professional athletes
    5. Professional entertainers (including actors)
    6. Divers
    7. Loggers
    8. Firemen
    9. Miners
    10. Pilots
    11. Rangers
    12. Acrobats / Stuntmen
    13. National journalists / News reporters
    14. Off-shore oil or gas rig workers
    15. Tree fellers
    16. Politicians
  • Motorcycling-related injuries or fatality shall not be covered if the Insured person was established to have violations at the time of accident as follows:
    1. An expired or invalid driver’s license.
    2. An expired vehicle registration.
    3. Have been under the influence of alcohol or prohibited drugs.
    4. Have been violating traffic laws and regulation.
  • Injuries arising out of the Insured engaging in hunting, racing (except foot racing), steeple chasing, polo playing, mountaineering, scuba diving, hand gliding, winter sports, professional sports, ice hockey, football or rugby, basketball or any other professional contact sports are NOT COVERED under the plan.
  • Non-refund of Doc. Stamps in case of cancellation or reduction of coverage.
  • Cash Assistance Benefit should be declared for Facultative Reinsurance upon acceptance of enrollment from the Web.
  • Non-refund of documentary stamp in case of cancellation or reduction of coverage.
  • Subject to all of the other terms and conditions printed in our Personal Accident Insurance policy forms.
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