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MySchool Mate Table of Benefits


Plan I
Php 25,000
Plan II
Php 50,000
Plan III
Php 100,000
Plan I
Php 25,000
Plan II
Php 50,000
Plan III
Php 100,000
Plan I
Php 5,000
Plan II
Php 10,000
Plan III
Php 20,000
Plan I
Php 2,500
Plan II
Php 5,000
Plan III
Php 10,000
Plan I
Php 25,000
Plan II
Php 50,000
Plan III
Php 100,000
Plan I
Php 25,000
Plan II
Php 50,000
Plan III
Php 100,000
Plan I
Php 200/day
Plan II
Php 300/day
Plan III
Php 500/day
Plan I
Php 33.00
Plan II
Php 58.00
Plan III
Php 108.00
  1. The plan includes the following:
    • Twenty-four (24) hours on or off the job
    • Commercial Flying while riding as a fare paying passenger only
    • Animal bites coverage limited to cat, dog and snakebites only. Mosquito/insect bites are not covered.
    • Accidental Food Poisoning
    • Acts of Nature
    • Riot, Strike and Civil Commotion provided not an active participant
    • Accidental Drowning
    • Worldwide coverage
    • Amateur and Social Sports

    Amateur sports are typically organized and governed by sports organizations or governing bodies. These sports may include Olympic sports such as athletics, swimming, and gymnastics, as well as other sports such as tennis, golf, and cycling. Insured may compete individually or as part of a team, and may train and compete at a high level while still maintaining other commitments such as work or school.

    Social sports, on the other hand, are generally more relaxed and recreational in nature. These sports are often played for fun and fitness, rather than for competitive reasons, and may be organized by groups of friends or community organizations.

  2. All named regular, full-time, and legitimate students from age four (4) up to twenty-one (21) years old are covered by the plan. There is one (1) free faculty member for every 25 pupils.
  3. Minimum number of enrollees should be 100, if less than 100 members subject to additional 50% premium per students.
  4. It is required that 100% of students who are enrolled be covered by insurance.
  5. A package with the same benefits as the students is available to excess teachers and staff who are not entitled for free coverage subject to premium charge.
  6. Motorcycling accidental bodily injury, death & disablement as a pillion shall not be covered if the driver of insured was established to have violations at the time of accident as follows :
    1. An expired or invalid driver’s license
    2. An expired vehicle registration
    3. Have been under the influence of alcohol or prohibited drugs
    4. Have been violating traffic laws and regulation
  7. Injuries arising out of the Insured engaging in hunting, racing (except foot racing), steeple chasing, polo playing, mountaineering, scuba diving, hand gliding, winter sports, all professional sports like ice hockey, football or rugby, basketball, volleyball or any other contact sports that require to sign a waiver are NOT COVERED under the plan.
  8. Any loss or disability caused directly or indirectly, wholly or partly by suicide, self inflicted injuries, while sane or insane, insurrection, war declared or undeclared, participating in riot, committing an assault or felony, injuries sustained while under the influence of prohibited drugs or alcohol, competition or racing of any kind, illegal acts, An expired or invalid driver’s license, An expired vehicle registration, Have been violating traffic laws and regulation are not covered.
  9. Declaration of deletion of insured family members or additional members shall be declared to FPG Insurance within (30) days from the inception date. Otherwise, effective date shall be on the date of the actual receipt of said declaration.
  10. One Master Policy will be issued under the name of the School in behalf of the covered enrolled students. List of students, faculty and staff with birth dates shall be declared to the Insurer prior issuance of the policy.
  11. In case of cancellation or reduction of coverage, Doc. Stamps will be non-refundable.
  12. Subject to all of the other terms and conditions printed in FPG Student Personal Accident Insurance policy forms.

When injury does not result in loss of life of the Insured within twelve calendar months after the accident but results to any of the following losses:

Loss of two limbs 100%
Loss of both hands, or of all fingers and both thumbs 100%
Total loss of sight of both eyes 100%
Total paralysis 100%
Loss of both feet 100%
Injuries resulting in being permanently bedridden 100%
Any other injury causing permanent total disablement 100%
Loss of arm at or above elbow 50%
Loss of arm between elbow and wrist 50%
Loss of hand at wrist 50%
Loss of four fingers and thumb of one hand 50%
Loss of four fingers 35%
Loss of thumb 25%
Loss of index finger 20%
Loss of middle finger 6%
Loss of ring finger 5%
Loss of little finger 4%
Loss of metacarpals- first or second (additional) 3%
  - third, fourth or fifth (additional) 3%
Loss of Leg- at hip 70%
  - between knee and hip 60%
  - below knee 50%
Loss of toes- all of one foot 15%
Loss of big toe 5%
Loss of any toe other than big toe, each 1%
Eye: Loss of - whole eye 30%
  - sight of 30%
  - sight of, except perception of light 30%
  - lens of 20%
Loss of hearing - both ears 50%
  - one ear 25%
Pays up to the Sum insured in the event of death or disablement due to accident. It provides protection to an insured person twenty-four (24 hours a day, on and off the school premises throughout one (1) calendar year but not to exceed twelve (12) months.
Pays for death or permanent disablement sustained as a direct result of the insured being a victim of Unprovoked Murder or Assault. This benefits does not extend to cover Unprovoked Murder & Assault occurring in the following geographical areas, including their cities, barrios, and barangays:
  1. Lanao Del Norte
  2. Lanao Del Sur
  3. North Cotabato
  4. South Cotabato
  5. Zamboanga Del Norte
  6. Zamboanga Del Sur
  7. Maguindanao
  8. Sultan Kudarat
  9. Sulu Archipelago
  10. Basilan
Pays for medical expenses incurred due to accidental bodily injury.
Pays for the funeral expenses incurred following an accidental death.
Pays for additional 100% of the sum insured in the event of death of the insured while riding a public conveyance as fare paying passenger.
Pays for a fixed amount as financial assistance in case of bodily injury or death of the insured as a result of accident while riding as pillion in a motorcycle.
Pays for the daily allowance to the insured as a result of accident or illness hospital confinement up to a maximum 30 days.

The policy shall not extend to cover death, disablement or medical expense incurred occasioned by or happening through:

  • Any communicable disease declared by any government agency, entity or in an executive order causing a state of emergency in any area and necessitating the setting up of appropriate quarantine measures therein is excluded in the policy.
  • Sabotage & Terrorism
  • Total Asbestos
  • Cyber & Data Loss
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