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My Personal Accident Protection (PAP) Mate provides the quickest and easiest way to give you peace of
mind with comprehensive cover for Accidental Death and Disablement,
Natural Death, as well as protection of your house against fire.
MyPAP Mate Schedule of Benefits
Benefits Limits of Liability
Accidental Death/Disablement 100,000
Unprovoked Murder & Assault 100,000
Burial Assistance 10,000
Fire Cash Assistance 5,000
Cash Assistance 5,000
Premium Per Unit* 300
100,000 (any one accident or series of accidents)
  • Twenty-four (24) hour coverage on or off the job
  • 100% Unprovoked Murder and Assault subject with territorial limitation
  • Commercial Flying while riding as a fare paying passenger only
  • Animal bites coverage limited to cat, dog, and snake bites only. Mosquito / insect bites are not covered.
  • Accidental Poisoning (Food & Gas)
  • Acts of Nature (resulting to accidental bodily injury only)
  • Drowning
  • 100% Motorcycling cover for Accidental Death & Disablement, except for professional racings and sports-related activities.
  • Amateur and Social Sports
  • Subject to:
    • Total Asbestos Exclusions Endorsement
    • Sabotage & Terrorism Inclusion Clause
    • Any communicable disease declared by any government agency, entity, or in an executive order causing a state of emergency in any area and necessitating the setting up of appropriate quarantine measures therein is excluded in the policy.*
  • The proposed plan covers web enrollees between 18 to 60 years old and renewable up to 65 years old.
  • An Insured Person’s coverage immediately terminates upon annual expiry of the policy once attains the age of 65.
  • The proposed plan does not include coverage for injuries resulting from any hazardous/professional sports.
  • Motorcycling related injuries or fatality shall not be covered if the insured person was established to have violations at the time of accident as follows:
    1. An expired or invalid driver’s license
    2. An expired vehicle registration
    3. Have been under the influence of alcohol or prohibited drugs
    4. Have been violating traffic laws and regulation
  • Injuries arising out of the Insured engaging in hunting, racing (except foot racing), steeple chasing, polo playing, mountaineering, scuba diving, hand gliding, winter sports, professional sports, ice hockey, football or rugby, basketball or any other professional contact sports are NOT COVERED under the proposed plan.
  • Non-refund of Doc. Stamps in case of cancellation or reduction of coverage.
  • Cash Assistance Benefit should be declared for Facultative Reinsurance upon acceptance of enrollment from the Web.
  • This proposal is valid within 30 days from the date of the proposal.
  • Subject to all of the other terms and conditions printed in our Personal Accident Insurance policy forms.
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