FPG Insurance
Protect your business from interruptions. FPG Surety Bonds acts as a risk transfer mechanism providing the construction project owner
the assurance of all obligations delivered.

FPG Insurance provides your business with financial security in case of default or bankruptcy
of contractors, sub-contractors, or suppliers.
Surety Bonds for Construction Cover Summary

FPG Insurance will guarantee that the successful bidder, within a specified period from the date of the receipt of the Notice of Award, will:

  1. Enter into contract with the project owner (Obligee)
  2. Furnish a Performance Bond for the faithful and complete prosecution of the work specified in the contract.

The bond will cover:

  1. Cost to conduct another bidding; and
  2. The difference between the winning bid and next lowest complying bid

FPG Insurance will guarantee the construction and completion of a project to go according to the agreed plans, specifications, terms and conditions based on the contract.

FPG performance bond will:

  1. Answer for the cost of delay in the completion of the project; and
  2. Pay for the additional costs to complete the project.

FPG Insurance will guarantee the recoupment or repayment of the unliquidated portion of the down payment made by the Obligee to the Contractor

FPG Insurance will also guarantee, within one year from the project acceptance, the repair of hidden defects in the workmanship and materials used by the Principal in the project, found or become evident.

For both simple and sophisticated operations, we provide customised, flexible construction industry insurance products.

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