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Submit your personal accident claim information online At FPG Insurance, we’ve made it very easy for you to submit your personal accident claim online. Simply complete the following form and attach the relevant documents. We will then review your claim and if needed, a personal accident claim representative will contact you directly to confirm your claim details and request any additional information. Basic Documents for Personal Accident Claim
  1. Download: Personal Accident Form B (to be filled and signed by attending physician)
  2. Police / Investigation Report
  3. Medical Certificate
  4. Hospital Statement of Account/Charge slips (Original copy)
  5. Original Official Receipts of hospital bills/professional fees
  6. Original Official Receipts of medicines purchased outside the hospital and their prescriptions.
  7. Original Copy of Death Certificate
  8. Proof of Beneficiary's identity like Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate
  9. Others (i.e. autopsy report, medico-legal report, pictures, newspaper clippings)
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