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MyMotoClubMate Owning a motorcycle can bring riders a great sense of freedom and enjoyment. However, it`s essential to recognize that riding a motorcycle also has inherent risks. To mitigate these risks and protect both the rider and their bike, having motorcycle insurance is of utmost importance. Whether you use your motorcycle for daily commuting, weekend rides, or long-distance adventures, having appropriate insurance coverage is vital for several reasons.FPG Insurance`s MyMotoClub Mate is a group personal accident insurance specifically designed for Motorcycle riders. The program covers bodily injury caused by an accident 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in theworld. Accidents can result in significant financial expenses, including repair costs for your motorcycle and medical bills for injuries. MyMotoClub Mate helps mitigate these financial burdens by covering the costs of repairs or replacement for your bike, depending on the policy. It can also cover medical expenses, including hospitalization, surgeries, rehabilitation, and medication. This financial protection ensures you receive the necessary care without overwhelming costs.In addition to accidents, the policy also covers you in case of other unexpected events such as dog bites, snake bites, drowning, and natural calamities. With MyMotoClub Mate, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are protected against a wide range of risks motorcycle riders face.Don`t let the fear of accidents hold you back from experiencing the ride of your life. With MyMotoClub Mate, you can confidently hit the road and enjoy the journey knowing you`re always protected. 
MyCyclingClub Mate Cycling has become an increasingly popular mode of transportation and recreation for people worldwide. Whether commuting to work, participating in competitive races, or simply enjoying leisurely rides, cyclists face certain risks on the road.   While many cyclists understand the importance of wearing helmets and following traffic rules, one aspect that is often overlooked is the need for cycling insurance. Having cycling insurance can provide riders with valuable protection and peace of mind.   FPG Insurance`s MyCyclingClub Mate is a group personal accident insurance specifically designed for cyclists. The program covers bodily injury caused by an accident 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world.    Accidents can still occur no matter how experienced or cautious a cyclist may be. Collisions with vehicles, pedestrians, or even other cyclists can lead to injuries, some of which can be severe. MyCyclingClub Mate can help cover medical expenses and rehabilitation costs, provide a financial safety net during a challenging time, and ensure that riders receive the necessary care and support.   Cycling is not limited to a specific geographical area. On their bikes, many cyclists enjoy exploring different cities, countries, or even continents. Traveling with a bike introduces additional risks, such as accidents, theft, or damage during transportation. Having MyCyclingClub Mate that offers worldwide coverage ensures that riders are protected no matter where their cycling adventures take them.   Besides the core coverage mentioned above, MyCyclingClub Mate may also offer additional benefits. These can include roadside assistance, coverage for accessories and gear, legal advice, and even support for alternative transportation in case of bike theft or damage. Such benefits further enhance the value of cycling insurance and provide comprehensive support to riders.   FPG offers this insurance policy and is specifically targeted toward bikers associations with a minimum of 20 members. However, if your association has less than 20 members but more than 10, you can still apply for coverage with an additional 50% premium surcharge per member. This policy is available to all riders aged 18 to 65 years old.   Considering the risks associated with cycling, investing in MyCycling Club Mate is a wise decision that allows riders to enjoy their passion while knowing they are well protected.
FPG Insurance Partners with Ayala Land Inc. for the 2023 Green Run FPG Insurance, a leading provider of insurance services, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Ayala Land Inc., one of the country`s premier real estate developers, for the highly anticipated 2023 Green Run marathon. Set to take place on June 25, 2023, a Sunday, this exciting event aims to promote sustainability, health, and community engagement.The Green Run marathon has gained a reputation as a flagship event, attracting avid runners, fitness enthusiasts, and eco-conscious individuals from all walks of life. By collaborating with Ayala Land Inc., FPG Insurance further solidifies its commitment to supporting initiatives that prioritize environmental responsibility and social well-being.As a strong advocate for a greener future, FPG Insurance recognizes the importance of sustainable practices in safeguarding the environment for future generations. The Green Run marathon serves as a powerful platform to raise awareness about climate change, conservation, and the positive impact of adopting eco-friendly lifestyles.Read More: https://mb.com.ph/2023/6/1/vermosa-green-run-2023-re-commits-to-the-environment-and-adds-a-1-k-dog-run 
FPG Insurance on its 65th Anniversary: Faster & Stronger As FPG Insurance continues to deliver only the best for our clients and business partners, we celebrate our 65th Anniversary in the Philippines with one goal: providing "faster & stronger" solutions.FPG Insurance has constantly strived to elevate and improve its processes, services, and products for the past 65 years. As a trailblazer in the non-life insurance sector, FPG Insurance`s unwavering pursuit of innovation sets us apart. It drives us forward on our mission to be the most innovative non-life insurance company in the Philippines. By staying at the forefront of industry advancements, we can anticipate and meet the evolving needs of our customers and business partners, ensuring that we always deliver the highest level of value and service.As FPG Insurance celebrates its 65th anniversary, we look back with gratitude for the many years of success and growth we have achieved. We owe this success to our employees` hard work and dedication and the loyalty and support of our customers and partners.We remain committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and quality and creating a workplace that fosters innovation, collaboration, and personal growth. We take immense pride in our commitment to giving back to the community. Throughout the years, we have actively engaged in various philanthropic initiatives and social responsibility programs, positively impacting the lives of those in. From supporting education and healthcare initiatives to environmental conservation and disaster relief efforts, we strive to be responsible corporate citizens and contribute to the betterment of society. Our anniversary celebration reminds us of our dedication to making a difference, creating a brighter future for all, and striving to be among the Top 10 Most Profitable and Most Innovative Non-Life Insurance Companies with the Best Customer Service in the Philippines.  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our journey so far. We look forward to many more years of success together.
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