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Personal Protection Against Cybercrimes Launched https://www.manilatimes.net/2022/11/06/business/sunday-business-it/personal-protection-against-cybercrimes-launched/1865125 
Travel With Caution - Domestic and Overseas Travel Should Not Be Taken Lightly Is it finally safe to travel around the Philippines or even the whole world? As we all know, the pandemic is far from over. No matter how we can freely go about our lives, there are still protocols to be followed, and should never be forgotten. Additional requirements have been added to traveling: testing, insurance, mandatory quarantine, and showing proof of vaccination, with some even incurring additional costs. These are, of course, measures put in place to keep everyone safe amid the remaining threat of COVID. There are, however, destinations with lessened restrictions when traveling: Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi in Vietnam, Bali, and Jakarta in Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Bangkok in Thailand, and Singapore. Given this, it is obvious that we should always find the balance between being adventurous and reserved if we want to travel with peace of mind. The saying “go where the wind takes you” is not so applicable nowadays. The more accurate saying would be to “go where the wind takes you, but be ready for wherever it leads”. It’s a bittersweet thing that the pandemic urged every company, institution, and person to transform themselves in a way that makes everything safe and easy from traveling, dining, studying, etc. Because of the challenges brought by the pandemic, digitalization efforts were set in place for people to go about their lives in peace. One of these digitalization efforts is the accessibility to an important aspect of traveling: insurance. FPG Insurance, the leading Non-life insurance provider in the Philippines made access to domestic and international travel insurance easier than ever with MyTravel Mate Domestic and MyTravel Mate International. In addition to getting the assurance that you will be covered in case anything unfortunate happens to you while traveling, both these policies come with COVID-19 Coverage. This will save travelers from 14 to 70 years old a decent amount of money if they suddenly find out that they are infected with the virus and need hospitalization. Both insurance policies will give travelers a chance to explore the country and the world without having to worry about negative consequences. The best part? They are both accessible on their user-friendly website. A seamless payments and claims process has also been added to the website to make it even easier for travelers to avail of the policies. Visit https://ph.fpgins.com/products/travel/ now to learn more about the exact coverage details of MyTravel Mate policies.
STRADCOM undergoing maintenance for COCAF (September 16, 2022 to September 19, 2022)
FPG Advisory - Manuel L. Quezon Day (August 19, 2022 Friday)
FPG Advisory : STRADCOM undergoing maintenance for COCAF (August 11, 2022)
FPG Insurance wins Digital Insurance Initiative of the Year - Philippines Outstanding insurers recognized at the 7th Insurance Asia AwardsThese companies have made worthwhile contributions to the advancement of the insurance industry in the Asia Pacific.Whilst the need for digital transformation has been fast-tracked in recent years due to global threats, its integration into the insurance industry has been challenging due to a variety of factors such as outdated legacy systems and strict regulatory requirements of the industry itself. The need for lower-cost options has also become more apparent amidst losses from the pandemic.Recent trends such as instability in economies and the increasing need for sustainability have also made the work much harder as insurers and even stakeholders navigate a period of uncertainty.Despite these challenges, insurers have been proactive in delivering exceptional service to their customers. Companies that have undergone their respective digital transformation journeys and continue to innovate their products and solutions are at an advantage in such a rapidly moving market.   In recognition of these organizations’ conscious efforts in helping the insurance industry pick up, Insurance Asia has honored around 100 companies across the Asia Pacific at this year’s Insurance Asia Awards.The event was held via digital presentations throughout July and August. Winning companies were interviewed digitally to share their thoughts on winning the most prestigious awards programme in Asia’s insurance industry.This year’s event was judged by an esteemed panel consisting of Liza Drew, Financial Services Indirect Tax Leader, Asia-Pacific at EY; Richard Holloway, Managing Director, Southeast Asia & India and Life at Milliman; Chris Hewison, Partner for Insurance at PwC Hong Kong; Steven Goh, Head of Insurance Audit at KPMG Singapore; Frank Dubois, Head of Insurance at KPMG Singapore; and Wayne Savage, Audit & Assurance Partner and FSI Assurance Leader at Deloitte Southeast Asia.Congratulations to all the winners!CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL THE INSURANCE ASIA AWARDS 2022 WINNERS
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