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Home Safe Home: Why Every Filipino Needs Home Insurance November 23, 2022 09:10:23 AM

Every Filipino dreams of owning a house and a lot that they can pass on to their future family. Real estate is one of the most formidable assets any individual can own. It appreciates over time that’s why it’s a fail-proof investment. It’s one of the assets that is affected by inflation. Acquiring a property in Metro Manila is certainly difficult given the factors that affect prices such as location, dimensions, and even aesthetics. Lucky for Filipinos, land developers have also made it possible for everyone to easily purchase real estate properties through PAG-IBIG or bank financing. 

Filipinos work hard every day to save up to afford or rent a property that they can call home. However, very few Filipinos know the importance of protecting their home. Home protection doesn’t just come in the form of reinforcing walls, refurbishing paint, or giving it a brand-new makeover. 

Protection in the form of insurance. 

You read that right. People aren’t the only ones you can insure because just like you, your home also has a future. And despite how strong of a fortress or simple your house may be, it is not immune to accidents and unpredictable calamities. Without home insurance, every one of us is facing an invisible yet the real risk of serious financial loss and emotional damage. It’s true that acquiring a real estate asset alone is very expensive but the damage that comes when an unprecedented event occurs to your home (knocks on wood) is even more devastating. 

Fires, flash floods, and earthquakes are very common in the Philippines. Typhoons hit our country every year and each one of them leaves immense damage to our properties. Not to mention the fact that even while we are still in the process of recovery, another storm is probably brewing, ready to wreak havoc again. So just Imagine if all the elements decided to strike an attack on your home. Although unlikely, it’s better to be insured than to start from scratch. 

Protecting our homes is not hard as compared to buying or building one. 

FPG Insurance, the Philippines’ leading non-life insurance provider has made it so easy to protect our home. Whether you are a proud homeowner or a tenant, you can choose a home insurance policy that fits your needs. Like any type of insurance, you can choose how much coverage you want from your insurance plan. 

Below is the list of coverages you can include in your home insurance: 

Physical Loss or Damage to the covered property arising from the following perils:

  • Fire or Lightning
  • Earthquake
  • Typhoons or Windstorms including Floods or Overflow
  • Flood or Overflow of the Sea
  • Volcanic Eruption (excluding locations that are in the 50km radius from the mouth of the volcanoes)
  • Subterranean Fire
  • Extended Coverage against Explosion, Falling Aircraft, Vehicular Impact, and Smoke Damage)
  • Riot, Strike, and Malicious Damage
  • Broad Water Damage - 5% of the total sum insured
  • Bursting or Overflowing of any water tank apparatus or pipe - 5% of the total sum insured
  • Fire Fighting Expense - 5% of the sum insured, minimum of Php100,000
  • Personal Liability to the Public which the Insured may be legally liable for bodily injury or property damage sustained by a third party up to Php 200,000.00

Head on to https://ph.fpgins.com/products/home/ to insure your home now! 

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